At the End of the Day: Earthside

In March 2023, Lucky Day had the opportunity to help tell an incredible tale of four world-class athletes, traveling, climbing and skiing in one of the world’s most remote locations. Simultaneously the story had the responsibility of crafting a narrative that paid homage to the legacy of one of the trip's athletes; a groundbreaking alpinist who passed away in a tragic accident after principal production.

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Take thirty minutes out of your day and watch Earthside.

If you already have or you’re one of those movie extras before the movie types – we invite you to watch two At the End of the Day segments. ⤵️

Working with Kaki Orr and Rob Wassmer, incredibly talented directors from The North Face, Lucky Day editors Aidan Haley and Kyle von Hoetzendorff along with producer Rachel Gardell, executive producer Chris Vanderloo and finish producer Spencer Eide had 10 weeks to edit, finish, and deliver the project in time to open at Mountain Film.

The 33-minute long film, Earthside, has since played at Banff Mountain Film and is currently streaming on Youtube. With such a tight turn around there was no time to spare and our team knew that putting our creative muscle to work while remaining flexible, open and honest would be essential in our process.

We had the chance to catch up with directors: Kaki and Rob.

They're great, trust us. And they spent some time giving us some insight into the backstory, their path to directing and what drives their passion for storytelling.

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What about the editors? ✂✂✂

Kyle and Aidan chatted about the creative flex of collaborative editing, how to make movie magic moments and why the color purple is just so nice.

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