At the End of the Day: Shiffbot

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What does the future look like? That’s a BIG question. But what if we broke it down, and asked something specific like, oh I don’t know, what the future of AI-assisted education looks like? Glad you asked, cause in the future there’s a good chance we’d find the Shiffbot - a bot designed by Google to help you code in p5.js. But the bot isn’t designed to give you answers, rather it mimics the eponymous coding hero and educator Daniel Shiffman, to give users assistance and education from which they can create their own answers.

Google Creative Lab tapped editor Kel Marvin to help introduce Shiffbot to the internet. She had the chance to dive into the bot’s history and unique capabilities while dealing with the editorial problem of “everything being just too good!” What's that mean? In our latest episode of At the End of the Day, we draw the curtain back on what it took to bring this edit to life.

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