Editing: Hacking Google

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“When faced with threats, there have always been those who look out to protect the rest. But who looks out for the threats lurking online?”

In “Hacking Google” the team at Google Creative lab takes an in-depth look into the process, people and history of digital security. This six-part series mixes entertainment and education to help give us all a better understanding of the scope, capacity, and capabilities that go into maintaining online security.

Lucky Day was asked to be a port of this exciting project and we put five of our editors to work crafting and honing 3 of the 6 episodes plus a behind the scenes look at the series called “Hacking Google To Defend Enterprises.

Needless to say we learned alot about internet security and the people behind the scenes and in the trenches that help make the internet safe for us users.

We’d love to invite you to take at the look at our work and please be sure to let us know if you have any comments!

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Ep003: Red Team | HACKING GOOGLE - Dylan Sylwester and Kellan Marvin

Who knew Google had a 'Staff Digital Arsonist'?
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Ep004: Bug Hunters | Hacking Google - Zach Jones

You don't know about Donald Knuth?
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Ep005: Project Zero | Hacking Google - Corky Devault

Did you know about this connection between 13th century French foot solider Peter Borgis and 21st Digital Security? Ok, phew...it's not just us.
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BTS - "Hacking Google to Defend Enterprises" - Kellan Marvin

"All of a sudden the entire world is connected, and with it the opportunity for hacking"