Match Cut: Jen Milano

JM Lead


Jen Milano



Astrological Sign?


Favorite Color?

Blue, purple

Favorite Movies? Or what movies inspire you?

Blair Witch Project, The Descent, Us

Favorite Bands?


Favorite Song? What's your history with it?

Spring Day by BTS (sounds beautiful with a sadly beautiful message/story), When You Were Mine by Night Terrors of 1927 + Tegan and Sara, and Stay Awhile by She & Him (because of the filming style).

Favorite Foods? Why?

Hot Dogs, obvs - plain!

JM peace

Favorite places on Earth?

NYC + Japan are two places I love to explore and get lost in.

Favorite places to eat?

Nak Won for Korean

Who would like to meet? Why?

BTS because I'm a fangirl, Candace Nelson because business baker.

3 people to have dinner with? They can be dead or alive? Why?

Michelle Obama because amazing, Tina Fey because amazing, Drew Barrymore because amazing.

Why do you produce?

I started out on the creative side of things but ultimately, my love of organization, spreadsheets, and calendars won me over. I really enjoy coming up with creative solutions and making sure the team feels supported.

What is something you want to work on?

I love story-driven pieces - stories from humanity and showing parts of life that I might not be privy to.

What is something you dream of doing? Work? Personal? Both?

Personally, I'd love to keep baking and sharing goodies with folks. I'd also like to one day jump out of a plane (AKA do something way out of my comfort zone).

JM boo

What do you think are important characteristics of a good post-producer?

First and foremost, empathy, a listening ear. Humility in asking for help and guidance from your team (when planning, scoping, troubleshooting) - knowing everyone has a voice and a stake in the project.

What is your biggest challenge as a post-producer?

Asking for help, haha - I like to just do things myself instead of asking for help - I am working on getting better at that!

What are you most proud of?
As a producer, I'm most proud of the fact that I have become more empathetic. As a younger producer, I was more anxious and worried about the project; now I lean toward prioritizing the people.

Anything you want to share? Promote? Highlight? What are we missing... what should we (the world) know?

I'm happy to be here.

JM Hotodg