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Astrological Sign?

Cancer baby! pinch pinch 🦀

Favorite Color?

I like all the blues. Grey can be nice. Lately, forest green has been growing on me.

Favorite Movies? Or what movies inspire you?

Always a tough one. In high school I had a buddy and his dad would take us to movies in Madison, WI until we were old enough to drive ourselves. I remember he took us to Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting. Those two movies definitely changed my view on storytelling and what a movie could be. Bladerunner taught me about cinematography and pacing. And Interstellar. I don't know why but I love Interstellar, though a friend of mine says that Matthew McConaughey looks like a turkey in that movie and now I can't unsee it. He is really bronzy, golden, baked to perfection in a couple of scenes.

Favorite Bands?

Probably my favorite is Mac Miller. I also want to call out Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and LCD Soundsystem, they introduced me to electronic music. Miike Snow, Chance the Rapper, and Run The Jewels would also make the list.

Favorite Song? What's your history with it?

Clair de Lune - It's just a real lovely song. The Kamasi Washington version is pretty rad too.

Favorite Foods? Why?

BBQ - so delicious and meaty and you always leave stuffed. Enchiladas - warm and saucy, love it. Fried cheese curds - Have you ever had a really fresh really good fried cheese curd? If the breading is just right it will take you to a different place!

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3 people to have dinner with? They can be dead or alive? Why?

John Candy, Chris Farley and Nate Bargatze. Oh my lord, this would be such a fun dinner. It wouldn't be over until 4 in the morning. The house would be trashed and your abs would hurt for days from all the laughing. Good times.

Favorite places to eat?

Probably Lucca, it's our neighborhood Italian restaurant that never disappoints. You can get in and out, you are always satisfied and it just hits the spot.

Favorite places on Earth?

Alpine wilderness that you can only access by trial - it's so clean and crisp. Small ocean towns - great people watching, everyone there is away from work so its vacation vibes all around, the taffy is fresh and there is enough beach for everyone. The edge of a calm midwest lake, blue skies, sun shining and the smell of warm pines.

Who would you like to meet? Why?

Adam Grant, I think I could learn a lot from him even in a short amount of time.

Why do you produce?

I like the puzzle aspect of it. There are a lot of moving parts and I enjoy helping it all come together into a final product.

What is something you want to work on?

Anything with new tech. I'm always fascinated by what technology can do and it's evolving at such a fast pace. Being able to understand and work with emerging technology would be great. To do that well and lead in that area would be fantastic. To produce something that makes a splash would be amazing.

What is something you dream of doing? Work? Personal? Both?

Getting my pilot's license. That has always been on my list. Totally impractical but would be a lot of fun.

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What do you think are important characteristics of a good post-producer?

Adaptability. The project is changing by the minute and we need to be able to navigate multiple constraints and personalities to ultimately deliver the best piece.

What is your biggest challenge as a post-producer?

I would say time. It often feels like if there was just more time we could do a lot more, but that probably goes with most things in life.

What are you most proud of?

As vague as this is I'm proud of all of it. It all started with offering to PA for free and getting turned down multiple times. But then finally getting a yes and then leveraging that PA gig to get more PA gigs. Stacking PA jobs up until the hotel I valeted at said I had to choose one or the other which was the point I went freelance. From there I worked on commercials, movies, TV shows and worked as a PA, Coordinator, PM and now Producer. I look forward to continuing down this path and still being proud of it as I go.

Anything you want to share? Promote? Highlight? What are we missing... what should we (the world) know?

You gotta laugh, even when it gets tough. If you can surround yourself with people who make you laugh, and let you laugh you are moving in the right direction.

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