On Company Time: The Mountain Film Festival

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At the end of May, Lucky Day had the opportunity to send a portion of our team to the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado. As part of our crew, we were lucky to have newly rostered editor, Aidan Haley, on hand as our guide. As the saying goes “this wasn’t his first rodeo.” Aidan has had more than a few films shown at Mountain Film and he introduced us to this incredible and welcoming community.

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The festival is programmed with a thoughtful mix of films ranging from audacious, adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventures to inspirational investigations on the power of community; all weekend long we were treated to films, lectures, and presentations that were exemplary for their thought-provoking storytelling.

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Some of the stories that stuck out most from the weekend had little, if anything, to do with “Outdoor Adventure” - The Herricanes, 4DWN, and The Orchestra That Chuck Built topped our list of favorites from the festival.

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Our team traveled to Telluride in support of the film, Earthside. The film covers a ski expedition to Baffin Island in the spring of 2022 that included some of the world’s most accomplished mountain athletes - Hilaree Nelson, Emily Harrington, Brette Harrington and Christina Lutsi. Sadly, this was the last expedition North Face Expedition captain Hillaree Nelson took part in before her tragic passing. Our team was honored to play a role in putting this film together and premiering it in front of her home community was incredibly special. Hillaree was an inspiring individual and her legacy will continue to reverberate for generations.

The weekend gave us the opportunity to meet and connect with some pretty incredible people who are working to make a positive impact in their fields. We can’t recommend the films and the festival enough - in fact we’re already scheming on how we can get back next year.

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Take a minute to check out Mountain Film Festival and its spiritual sibling festival 5Point Film Festival.

Earthside isn’t streaming yet, but once it hits the internet, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.