Welcome to the Lucky Day Newsletter

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Lucky Day is in the sharing business. Now, you could say that we make videos and you’d be right, but you could also say we imbue sight and sound with time to craft ideas that carry emotional resonance and we like that a whole lot more. The end goal of all that imbuing, honing and crafting is to share an emotion, a feeling, a story with you, the world.

Our work isn’t the sum total of who we are, Lucky Day is a collection of individuals; an individual collection. We’re inspired, devastated, infatuated and enthralled. We listen to music, love movies, read books, and have hobbies. We do stuff, we get really into doing stuff.

So why is that important? More importantly, a propos, why is that important to you?

Character, reference, curiosity, interest and all the uniqueness that makes each one of us individuals is the “thing” that makes our individual work special. We’re not claiming that we’re the only ones who have it, far from it, we’re simply recognizing that we think it’s important to share with you what makes us, us.

This newsletter is going to give you a sense of Lucky Day; what we’re working on, thinking about, watching, listening to and loving. We hope you opt in.